LLC Gazflot General Director J.V. Shamalov's Address

Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you at LLC Gazflot web site.

Gazflot is JST Gazprom 100 % owned subsidiary established in 1994 and aimed to perform single policy in geological exploration and the Russian Federation continental shelf gas and oil field development. 

For 15 years Gazflot has earned significant experience of successful exploration on the shelf, essentially contributed to the development of Gazprom resource base. 7 deposits which contain 1 billion cu m of gas have been discovered by Gazflot.

Nowadays companys activity covers almost the whole Eastern coastlines from Barents Sea to the Sea of Okhotsk. Its branches are situated in Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

One of the most important Gazflot business line is development of the specialized fleet for providing works on the shelf. Carrying out Gazprom tasks on modern drill rigs and supply vessels construction, companys primary focus is on native ship building.

In the short term Gazflot plans to build tankers for liquified natural gas shipment and its transportation to foreign markets.

Today Gazflot is in top ten most dynamic developing subsidiaries of Gazprom. As high-tech and knowledge-intensive company with rich production experience and human capacity, Gazflot aims to fulfill extensive plans of Gazprom.